The Company
Methodix, Inc is a US based technology company specializing in providing IT solutions and professional staffing services in the areas of Information Technology, Scientific, Process Improvement and Research.
The Objective
Our objective is to provide high-quality, reliable, technologically advanced solutions to help our clients achieve their maximum potential in a cost-effective way. We pride ourselves in delivering value added solutions based on our clients’ needs.
The Product
Methodix has a long and enduring commitment to its client by serving clients with a combination of deep technical knowledge and broad insight into industry and their unique requirements.
One of the key differentiators of our product is an entire suite of developed software for each client. Methodix has partnered with some of the largest global organizations, to provide exclusive content focused on designing, developing and testing.
The Value Proposition
What sets us apart from others is our utilization of lean methodologies in our approach when designing solutions or services helping our clients enhance the competitive positioning in this fast changing and intensely global industry.

In today’s dynamic and challenging environment of economic transformation, we bring a practical approach to providing clients with strategic, tactical, and technical solutions. We understand the importance of effective and expensive risk management while taking advantage of opportunities from strategic growth initiatives.

We provide extremely flexible engagement models at the client’s control, while providing the most optimum technologically advanced solution.